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I don't mind if you despise this blog,yes it's great if you enjoy it, but rather selfishly, it's for me.It's oddly comforting knowing that my little opinion is floating around in cybersapce and will always be here.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

wishing winter away.

In three weeks I'm 18. This year seems to be working out well, with an offer from Bournemouth under my belt,a driving certificate and an almost adult status I didn't think it could get any better but it really will.

I'm travelling Europe in the summer with 3 friends. I am beyond excited. At first I kind of assumed we'd talk about it alot, plan it even but it would never actually happen. I don't like to let my hopes get too high, my gran always said it's better to have low expectations, that way you're never dissapointed. Last week however we solidified our sweaty summer plans, we booked our flights to Amsterdam. It finally felt like it was really going to happen, since then we've managed to pull our socks up and turn our pockets out by booking our first two hostels ,return flight and even a ticket to 'soundwave croatia 2011' a music festival supposedly like the Croatian alternative of Big Chill, with the same amount of quality acts. That's all I think about when I go to sleep, skanking on a beach or even better on a boat. We're starting in Amsterdam in early july ,making our way to Croatia by the 20th, it sounds crazy, after 20 days on the road (well the tracks) going to a music festival, I'm sure we'd be pretty drained by then, not only our energy but our funds. Cash worries aside Interrailing 2011 seems to be shaping up to be a trip of a lifetime, lets hope my life doesn't peak that early though, ay.

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