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Sunday, 13 February 2011

football* crazy, football* mad.


After watching Tony Jordans' cleverly conceived 'Hustle' with their main story revolving around the game, it reminded me how much I despise everything that it stands for.Don't get me wrong I think that putting politics to one side and focusing on a sport is great but it's the industry and more importantly the financial side that I really hate.

The fact that players such as Cesc Fabrigas (Arsenal) earn up to £4.5 million a year for kicking around a ball whereas the average firefighter and police officer who essentially save lives and prevent crime earn between £22,104 and £26,109 a year. Not to mention in LEDC's (less economically developed countries) £4.5 million that Fabrigas earns in one year would feed, accommodate and supply a family of five for a minimum of 20 years. When it's put into perspective like that , it really makes you realise whilst these footballers are off jetting around the world , being worshipped by generations of football fans and being lusted for by thousands of women, families are starving, praying for rain,food,shelter, praying for something.

It's those football fans that control everything though, they may claim to love the sport but even admit that the players salaries are ridiculous as are the ticket prices.They can act upon it though, the consumer are always in control, they supply the demand, the big companies just don't like to let them know that. If every single football fan got together and decided to not attend the next 10 big games, the industry would be forced to lower ticket prices and in turn lower the salaries of the players. I'm not denying that football brings people together and proves to be a great topic of conversation to be had down the pub with the local lads. Sometimes though, I feel that , that is the only reason some people follow the infernal game, just so they can talk about it. Then again isn't that what all of us do from time to time? Listen, watch or participate in something just so we can talk about it after?

If we look at the grand scale of things, take a giant step back. The football industry is the biggest in the world, if every player donated a quarter or if they're really generous ,half, of their salary then I am pretty sure we would be making leaps and bounds in eradicating poverty , not only in this country, but around the world. Maybe this is the hippie inside of me finally clawing it's way up from the bottom of my gut to my fingertips, but to me it just seems logical. Does anybody really need a salary that big? Surely after they've bought their fifth Porsche and second mansion they'd have some left over that they really won't use.

I'm probably only saying all of this because I know I won't ever earn that obscene and absurd amount of moula and it angers me. I'll be a skint scriptwriter for the rest of my days whilst footballs continue to drain the similarly skint football fans funds ,which will most likely be spent on strip clubs and gold plated phones. The public really do have the ultimate power, I just wish they would realise it.


  1. Im not saying all football fans are like this, but they've got to be either so unbelievably unaware or just plain stupid to actually think they are getting a long term thrill out of watching/talking about football. As you said yourself, if it weren't for the fans fuelling the indutry with the extortionate amounts of 'moula'(funny word)do, then they would be abliged to lower the salaries. So really, it's down to us as humans who are at fault.