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I don't mind if you despise this blog,yes it's great if you enjoy it, but rather selfishly, it's for me.It's oddly comforting knowing that my little opinion is floating around in cybersapce and will always be here.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Happy Bythday Emma Case.

   This evening has been one of the most magical and momentous evenings of my life. I honestly don't think I have ever felt this elated for a couple. Today was Emma Cases' 30th birthday , and this evening was her party. I met her through a drama group a few years ago and we've remained in touch, she is a fully fledged wedding photographer now and business seems to be booming. She is the complete epitome of the old saying ' good things come to good people' anyway she'd organised the whole thing months and months ago. The theme was 50's and everyone got fully kitted out in 50's gear, the whole shebang from the iconic hair styles right down to the types of heel.

  The venue was just seamlessly suitable with the 'Enchantment Under the Sea Dance' theme, there were beautiful little lollipops and cakes and for us greedy gits there was a full on pork bap spread. An hour into the already wonderful evening Pete Smyth (Emmas fiance) gathered everyone around the stage, we knew there was a surprise but nothing in the world could prepare us for the sheer shock as the crowd was parted and slowly formed into an aisle. Before we knew it we were peering over one anothers shoulders to catch a glimpse of bride maids walking down the aisle followed by Emma in her beautiful vintage wedding dress.
 I don't normally get emotional over weddings or general romance, but something inside me clicked as I watched her walking up to us, I just couldn't hold back, I was bawling like a total baby.

Myself and the bride.
  They both then revealed to us that they had gotten married earlier, low key, at a registry office. I was stunned, for years now everyone has been awaiting the invitations for their wedding and I never in a million years would have guessed that they would do it on Emmas birthday. They then said their vows to one another (yet more tears) and had their first dance (yes even more tears, I'm surprised my make up managed to withstand the waterfall). With the producer of Deal or No Deal on the decks the music was ideal, with a mix of 50's classics and pure rock 'n' roll (which is perfect for Pete).

Their first dance was to this song;

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Home" from on Vimeo.

    I still find it very hard to put into words how truly amazing this night has left me feeling. I will never ever forget this evening and the events that unfolded before my unbelieving eyes.I may have come away with a few cavities (I ate far too many lollipops) but above all I have come away with so much admiration (didn't think I could have much more) for the utterly perfect couple that is Mr & Mrs Smyth.

The seamlessly suited, sneakiest and sweetest couple in history.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

avon! av it!

I finally got myself a job, after four days of looking. Surprised myself there. Yes I'm going to be that annoying woman who drops off that annoying, expensive make-up catalogue then expects you to keep it in pristine condition (or just keep it) for them to collect the following week.

This year has been a corker , things are finally falling into place, so what if being an Avon lady isn't a 'proper' job, It's still a job, and for me that is a bloody achievement! I'm driving, I'm 18 & I shall soon be earning my own cash. 2011, you beauty.

bearing the weight of adulthood, or not.

On our( I find it very odd saying 'my' birthday, as I've always shared it) my sister and I both got a lump sum of money from our parents, my sister is putting it towards her summer drama course and I'm hoping to splash it on my travels in July! (far too excited about going away for a month, I must try and focus and get these blasted exams done, and done well).

Anyway on our birthday I bravely went into the bank and got my own bank account set up (wheey adult points) I also went to the phone shop and sorted out my own phone, with my own contract, with my own money (kerching,adult point overload ). On the evening of our birthday my sister and I had a Chinese meal with the family where we were given a bottle of champagne each (hoorrah even more adult points) however once I had shaken the bottle, to the dismay of my father " you're going to smash the conservatory roof" is still ringing in my ears, I tried forcing the top of, the anticipation was insane but was soon diffused as I realised the bottle was in fact a screw top! ( major loss of adult points).

After the meal we necked the champagne, setting ourselves up nicely for the events that followed. We went to Snobs in Birmingham, I'd love to say I remembered the whole night but that would be a lie. I vividly remember dancing like a total lunatic with 3 other looney mates in the 80's room, whilst receiving a lovely batch of peculiar looks from the surrounding dancers. I thrived off it! Snobs is now one of my favourite places to go. We went to Propaganda (at the o2 academy) on the Friday after as well, that was as equally as good, with the following morning being equally as bad.

It's really odd now, being an 'adult' you almost feel as if you have to be responsible and mature. When I was younger all I ever want to be was an adult, now I'm that, there is nothing more I want than to be a child again. typical ay.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Metro Madness.

I love reading the Metro (for those who don't know what this is, it's the daily paper we have on all public buses in the UK) because I refuse to watch the news on the television, partially because I'd find something more entertaining to watch (I'm obsessed with TV drama) and partially due to the fact I can't bring myself to face the harsh reality of live and the constant bombardment of negativity. The Metro is my only window in which I gaze into and find out about the goings on of the whole wide world. Anyway something I read today in the Metro really ruffled my feathers, the full article can be found here, in brief though it describes this 'new revelation' that birds can feel empathy towards their offspring. It's great that they have finally realised this and are raising awareness of the fact birds animals and most organisms express these 'human' traits and emotions however how could you assume that they never did beforehand? I'm a firm believer that all animals, mammals and reptiles, from pig to possum have and frequently display these 'human' qualities, we just are not aware of them.

A vegetarian ; I am not, a hypocrite ; I most certainly am. Although I devour probably the equivalent of an entire pig in a week in bacon, pork chops, sausages and ham I still resent the way in which we exploit these animals. I'm aware that we have a higher level of intelligence and a sophisticated communication system but who said that we have total stewardship of this planet, and can help ourselves to resources at every trophic level (producers, consumers, secondary consumers) of every food chain? Who is to say monkeys couldn't run it any better than we do? Look at what we've done to it, it's a total mess. In the most non-suicidal and pro-genocide way, I truly believe it would do this planet a world (no pun intended) of good if the human race was entirely wiped out.  Food chains would be able to reform, populations would return, those on the brink of extinction may well boom in numbers, who knows? If it ever happened no-one would ever know. Without our meddling machinery and greedy grazing on all of the worlds resources the world would thrive, dogs and domesticated animals would die yes, but the advantages outweigh everything.

World issues dealt with, my own little world has been pretty hectic recently (good hectic though) since my birthday It's been non stop, from further planning of my Europe trip to extensive revision sessions, I've barely had a moment to stop, to think and most importantly to write. I'm going to try and write at least once a week, to prevent my head from exploding more than anything else.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

snappy happy.

I submitted some photos that I'd taken in the winter to american internet magazine 'Side B Magazine' and I was pleasently surprised that the photos had be chosen to appear in the spring issue.

check it ooot!


 photography is just something I do when I'm bored really, writing is where my heart is.