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Monday, 4 April 2011


One thing that has always , always baffled me (I was a very inquisitive child) is the fact that some people do not want to donate their organs. I'm very open minded and truly do respect religious views about the body after death etc. If there is a god though, surely he would want you to help others? even after you've passed. I really think the government should look into enforcing laws by which everyone ,from birth, will be added to the organ donor register but have the option to opt-out of it by then removing themselves from the list. I honestly think, as much as it pains me to say/type the main reason for people not registering is because they haven't found the time or 'can't be bothered with the fuss'. It takes 3 minutes,literally, I just re-registered to check my details were still on the system from when I first signed up when I was 9 years old.

It angers me that thousands of people are dying every year whilst organs rot away in the ground or are burnt to dust in cremation. Am I seeing something that other people (politicians) aren't? How can they be so oblivious to this obvious solution. As cynical as it sounds it's probably due to the paper work, if as many people would opt-out that currently haven't opted in then there would be a mountain of files to be dealt with. I'm fortunate enough to not have anyone in my close family and friends require an organ, but you never know when it will happen, it may even be you who needs a new kidney, or heart.

I don't like to preach, in fact there is nothing worse , after watching Louis Theroux's documentary on BBC 2 last night I have now witnessed the sad and quite frankly terrifying way in which people are manipulated and would hate to come across anything like that. honestly ask yourself these questions now, why do I not have a donor card? or why do I not give blood?

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