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Friday, 8 April 2011


The Easter holidays have rolled around so fast! It only felt like yesterday I was celebrating my 18th Birthday but that was 7 weeks ago! With these holidays comes alot of responsibility though, it's now or never with the revision. I have 10 weeks tomorrow until my first Biology A2 exam, to say I'm worried would be the understatement of the year. I've worked out if I revise for 3 hours a day ( 1 hour for each subject; Biology, English literature and English Language) then I will just about cover all of my syllabuses before the exams really kick in.

I normally rise at about 12pm/1pm in the holidays but today a beautiful beam of light coaxed me out of my cocoon. There is just something about the sun which makes me want to get up and start being productive, I'm a bit like a bee I guess, the most productive when the flowers have bloomed and the sun is beating down. You'd think with this glorious weather the last thing I want to do is revise, that's not the case at all, I strangely enjoy revising, whilst laying on my trampoline in the sun. I even managed to walk to the local town centre and go to the library, granted I sat down and read for all of 5 minutes but I got a few books out which should see me through this stressful yet sunny season!

After the library I went to local Arboretum and thoroughly soaked up the sun. I suppose the bad thing about living in Britain, and Walsall especially, is that when we have a good few hours of sun everyone suddenly thinks they are on holiday, the lads walk around topless and the girls walk around practically naked, considering Walsall has one of the highest obesity rates in the West Midlands this proves to be a tad mentally scarring. One perk  of the local Aboretum is that they open up a kids 'swimming pool' which is basically a dip within the parks surface, which they fill with water, an absolute highlight is watching the lifeguards fish around for feaces and other little presents the tiddlywinks have left for him. I sound like a sadistic , cynical shit, when infact I truly love the summer & the arboretum.

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