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Monday, 4 April 2011

comical conundrums.

There is nothing like sitting down to watch a great comedy ( I advise you watch 'I love you Man') with your friends or family, but is comedy more powerful than politics?

I went onto channel 4's on demand website (4od) and whilst flicking past the most recent and popular programmes from ;Unreported world to Superscrimpers (waste not want not) then typing 'Friday Night Dinner' into the search bar I realised that I not only potentially clicked away from some programmes that would open my mind, widen my knowledge but I also skipped past the opportunity to learn how to seriously save some cash which directly affects my life. It was in this moment that I realised, we all may have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge but all we truly want is something that takes us away from the harsh reality of life, something that distracts us from the disaster and cures us of this discomfort. So I'm currently waiting for Friday Night Dinner to load, in the hope that even for a few moments I'll laugh aloud and be transported to a higher level of happiness.

I sound so depressing! It really gave me an insight into human nature though, we are social animals who want to entertain and in return be entertained! As a budding scriptwriter this has turned everything I have ever written on its head as I write pretty deep, thought provoking stuff (as you may well have realised- sorry I'm not depressed I swear!) and now I've realised, whatever I write, however deep and complex it may be we truly do enjoy the simple pleasures in life, simple and sweet comedy moments are what we truly remember and go on to talk about with friends. Debates are great but laughter is what binds us and brings us together.

I need to start working on my comedy writing.

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