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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Why 2011 has definitely been the best year of my entire life;

   Stopped sucking my thumb

  Passed my driving test ( 3 weeks before my sister may I add)

 Became an 'adult' in age.

                                                    EMMA AND PETE GOT MARRIED!


                                                       Survived A-levels!(only just)

                                                Spent four weeks travelling Europe.

                                                           Soundwave Festival Croatia.

                                    Had my first proper proper job as a playscheme worker.

                                                 Got into Bournemouth University!
                                                       End of the Road Festival.

                                            Bought Mooshka my beloved dutch bike.

                                                         Moved to Bournemouth!

                                                             Granny got a boyf!

                                          Voulenteered at British Heart Foundation.

                                         Hitch Hiked to France and back for charity.

                                              Co-wrote and Co-directed my own play!

    Started sucking my thumb again (this is not a good thing) ah well at least lent is around the corner.

Although it'll be a challenge I like to think 2012 will be even better. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the most unbelivable year of my life ; I wouldn't change anything.

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