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I don't mind if you despise this blog,yes it's great if you enjoy it, but rather selfishly, it's for me.It's oddly comforting knowing that my little opinion is floating around in cybersapce and will always be here.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

saying goodbye.

Today I said goodbye to my twin sister for 5 weeks. She's going to Greece for a week and I'm going Interrailing for 4 weeks, this will be the longest we've ever been apart from birth. I'm a bit apprehensive about spending so much time away from her, who will tell me when I really do look like shit or when I was out of line. It will be good practice for Uni I suppose but it still sucks at the same time. Bar that tiny disadvantage Interrail is set to be the best 4 weeks of my life. With tours of Anne Franks house, Bone Museums,Boat parties and music festivals how could I not enjoy it? I'll be sure to blog blog blog and blog until I blog myself to death about it.

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  1. I'm so glad you'll be back soon :)