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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I do not know how I have survived to tell the spine tingling tale but, I have finished my Biology A-level. I had one exam last Monday and one today.I've also done my English Literature exam and have my English Lnaguage exam on Friday.

I have never felt the sheer joy  that ripping my revision notes off my wall ( okay slowly peeling them of as to rip the paint away with the blu-tac, it's the sentiment that matters anyway) brought to me. I have never seen my recycling bin brimming with so much highlighted paper. If all has gone to plan and the gruling hours spent locked away with nothing but fruit tea to keep me sane actually pay of, I should be swapping the streets of Walsall for the shore of Bournemouth. Where better to cure a continual hangover from freshers week (and the rest) than the golden sands of the Southern shore.

I have no idea how I have faired but all will be revealed on August 18th. eeeeep. Except I won't be getting mine until the 23rd probably because I got myself a summer job! My sister and I both landed one of the most rewarding and fun jobs an 18 year old could possibly have over the summer. We're going to be Playscheme workers at the local deaf centre. Basically we get paid (very well) to run around pretending to be kids again, including free trips to the likes of Drayton Manor and Legoland. Excited is not the word!

More pressing issues, where do I purchase the cheapest bottle of vodka? Jokes aside, the more pressing issue is my month travelling around Europe. By the end of April I had raised enough money to get me to Amsterdam and that's about it but through selling my clothes on facebook, to asking for sponsors from school the figure slowly began to decrease and became more managable. Eventually all I required of my parents was emergency money ( blatently just going to be spent on cheap German beer). So my backpack ( which is literally the size of me) is packed, and has been for the past month, I've had exams okay, the only thing that kept me going was putting a new thing in it everyday. Wow I really am sad. My sister and boyfriend brought me a Fisheye camera which I am dying to fill with photos of the trip. 10 days til I go, I'm slightly apprehensive and nervous but excited beyond belief more than anything.

Wish me luck. I hope I live to share the stories, my god there will be so many.

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