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I don't mind if you despise this blog,yes it's great if you enjoy it, but rather selfishly, it's for me.It's oddly comforting knowing that my little opinion is floating around in cybersapce and will always be here.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

such sucking stupidity.

I'm not one to usually make New Years resolutions, I've seen far too many people make them then break them within a day. This year feels different though, I really am ready to tackle my worst habit (well at least I hope my worse!) sucking my thumb.

Okay so I haven't gone to such extreme lengths as that ^ but I am considering putting a plaster on my thumb, nothing tastes worse than a big fabric plaster.

Ever since my fifth birthday I can vividly remember saying to my 'Nanna' " when I'm six I will stop sucking my thumb because then I'll be a big girl" thirteen birthdays later, and look where I've come, absolutely nowhere. Actually I tell a lie, my sister and I both made a pledge to quit together about 4 years ago because the dentist was getting increasingly annoyed at our ever growing over bites, so we did it, it was surprisingly easy. I sound like a drug addict but I was 'clean' for about a year, that was until my sister and I were sat watching TV and she dared me to put my thumb in my mouth. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. Ever since that moment it's been glued to my gums again and now it feels almost impossible to stop. My sister remained clean and her teeth showed the improvements.One thumb is literally bigger than the other, all that constant sucking must've literally drained the fat of it. Now I'm the wonky smiled, big baby , freak show of a twin.

It sounds ridiculous doesn't it, being addicted to sucking a phalanges. That's what it is though, an addiction, not a nervous trait like biting your finger nails but an actual addiction that I crave. Admittedly it's not half a serious as smoking and the biological factors of nicotine addiction. After watching my brother take a drag of his cigarette after a two hour car journey I saw the relief in his face, posture, position everything and it truly reminded me of how I am after a driving lesson, going almost two hours without the comfort of my stumpy digit really gives me the jitters (or maybe it's just my near death experiences during the driving lessons) who knows.

Anyway I was 3 hours into the New Year and BAM it's snuck it's way into my oral cavity, sneaky stumpy thing. I don't even realise I'm doing it half the time, It takes someone to point it out ( usually with the typical 'awww') for me to realise and adjust ,I'm eighteen in a few months for Christ sakes, I've had enough 'awww's to last me a lifetime.

That's my main point, what better way to wave bye bye to my childhood than waving bye bye to my thumb (if that is even possible?)So lets see how long it last. I've tried and failed so many times.


  1. My sister was addicted to sucking two of her fingers and had some very substantial braces. They were the only thing that stopped her, I swear.

    Happy New Year and good luck kicking your habit.

  2. Yeah my sister was lucky enough to get a retainer, I reckon that helped her alot. I currently have a big old plaster around my thumb, so far so good, lets just hope it doesn't creep in during my slumber.

    Happy New Year to you too, good luck with any resolutions you've made!

  3. i have sucked my thumb my whole life. almost all of the sonograms of me i was sucking my thumb. though i dont need braces and my teeth are perfectly straight. its impossible for me to stop. i have tried before and i went 4 days without sleep.

  4. i am the same way i suck the two middle fingers and i have forever my mom says they could see me in my sonograms sucking them in 17 almost 18 and i still suck my fingers i hate it so much. my teeth are straight but i have a huge overbite and my fingers have scars on them. i really need help ive tried and tried and nothing helps. ive tried viniger, tape, will anything that tastes nasty and still i wake up with them in my mouth its emarrising going to a sleep over and i have to make sure no one can see my face when i sleep or my little addiction will be exposed.

  5. have you ever considered being hyponotised, it really works. My friend sucked her thumb until she was 25, but her fiancee said enough was enough so she tried hypnotheraphy, she now squeezes her thumb everytime she gets the urges and that subsides the obsession, something to do with the pressure on the thumb. you should try it with your fingers, worth a go anyway, good luck with it!