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Monday, 8 November 2010

Briefcase Wa***er!

This is my 17th ever post and I'm 17 so I kind of wanted to sum my life up in 17 concise points (like that's ever going to happen) I waffle so much.

So where to start;

I am a twin.

I enjoy walking,running,swimming and generally being outdoors.

I used to run for the West Midlands.
I've done drama from the age of 9.

I lived in a little village in Yorkshire til I was 6 years old then I moved to Birmingham.

I've completed NVQ Level 3 in BSL (British Sign Language) and have been learning it since I was 11.

I'm commonly referred to as the 'Breifcase Wa**er!'( usually by the minions)

I like a good bargain, you'll often find me mooching around charity shops and car boot sales.

I'm a qualified open water diver (BSAC) and have dived in Europe and Egypt.

I have stupidly short hair and have to wear a suit and look like a right bloke.

I was once a member of the British gymnastics team (Under 10's) pahaha.

I was an extra in The Golden Compass (2003)

I've met Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (had to do a bit of name dropping didn't I)

I've had two poems published, I love a bit of the tree of Po.

I'm currently learning to drive, after 9 months I feel as if I'm finally getting somewhere.

I want to go to Bournemouth University to read 'Scriptwriting for Tv and Film'.

I want to complete NVQ Level 4 in BSL then train as an Interpreter.



  1. Thanks for sharing - perfectly concise.

    What made you learn BSL? Must be really interesting to study.

    I'd love to know more about being a twin. I'm one of four sisters but none of us are twins, so I find the idea of being a twin fascinating.

  2. Thank you, it's odd getting feedback, I always feel as if I'm talking to a wall!
    My mother is deaf,however, that wasn't the sole reason in which we (my sister and I) took it up. We saw the avarage income of Interpreters! I'm joking. We just has an insight to a vibrant and visual world , the deaf world. I guess we wanted to be a part of it, so tottered down that path together.
    I'll be sure to post a blog about being a twin as I fear i'll bore you to death through comments, I may even do that tommorow. stay tuned ( is that what us bloggers say?) ha I'm such a novice.

    But once again, cheers.